Thursday, April 16

My response to a Star Wars fan

It was a chat on FB with someone who LOVED the new Star Wars trailer the end, who cares so I dropped it. But I wrote it out with punctuation and everything.

I'm curious as to the flaw in my logic. Disney has shown themselves to be a greedy bastardy company who will fuck you over for money. JJ has shown himself to be a guy who does a great Act I and then flounders after. This isn't really a disagreement, so much as you saying "well, I have faith". 
Lots of people have faith.
They (film executives) have stumbled onto a formula that makes them money. For now. One stumble and I promise you it will all turn to ashes. 
That doesn't mean this movie is bad and it's cool you're excited about it!   
I like the trailer and that's enough.