Tuesday, April 29

Haiku 9

The irony is
I would be fucking you so
You can forget me

Monday, April 21

Haiku 6-8

I want to be your
Slave for an evening, no heart

Jaw quivers and my
Eyes blur from speed, rain and I
howl; Begin Again!

Questions not answers
Reach for the skin, the 'bad' thought
Grit with solitude

Friday, April 18

Haiku 2-5

I was stunned to find
I was panting a canvas
That had disappeared

Softly in the background
Vodka over ice

Red Bull smells sickly
Vapid voices far too close
My beer is empty

Like a suicide,
parcel everything out so
no one knows it all

Thursday, April 17

Haiku 1

All I can think 'bout
Is who am I now that you
Have done this to me?

Tuesday, April 1


The thing about being in pain is that, ultimately, it is boring. It is one note, droned throughout your life, drowning out everything else. Acutely, that really does matter. It is possibly the worst thing about being in any kind of chronic pain, though. I know it's boring to everyone else and it's certainly a houseguest I wish I could get rid of.

And having to witness someone in pain is both awful AND boring because there is nothing you can do and because they don't have anything else to offer. So I apologize for not having proper diodes and LCDs that light up, instead of just roiling in...whatever the fuck it is I'm roiling in.