Tuesday, February 18

When I Want It

"Hi, do you have playsets of commons & uncommons for Born of the Gods?" I want the new Magic set!

No, not yet.

"Ah. Well, can you tell me when you might have them?" (It's been a bit so I was hoping.)

Um...no. When did you want it?

"Uh...I don't know." Not wanting to appear like a demanding asshole. "Few days?"

I'll post on our Facebook page when we have them.

Sigh. It took me a few days to realize what a stupid exchange this was. If I wanted the Born of the Gods stuff on another day, I would have come in on that day. I wanted them when I was there. And I don't mind waiting but instead of asking me when I want it (since I clearly want it now) how about saying: we'll have some ready by X. 

Because then I would patronize your store with money. Instead, I go to eBay. 

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