Thursday, November 14

Pattern Recognition

It's interesting to see how claims of algorithms that can predict what people might like or dislike can play out in realtime.

Let me rephrase this: looking at my FB feed, there are certain people who post the same damn thing all the time. One woman is really into Morrissey and her dogs. Another preaches against circumcision. One dude gets super defensive whenever anyone suggests that his constant posts about his band are boring people. Another has pretty routine (Sun-Mon) football posts. My uncle is certain that any liberal policy is evil (the 'Obama is blahblahblah', dude.) Rarely do they want to have a discussion.

It has lead me to a conclusion: People are fucking boring. We don't stretch our legs or minds, we don't try and experience the new, we cower safely in our havens of The Same. 

Which makes us predictable. Of course advanced math can tell us what we like; we always like the same thing. 

Worse, we're often mocked when our tastes change and this only encourages more of the same. Which, again, is fucking boring. I get it; you like Morrissey, you think Russell Brand is brilliant/a moron, liberal policies are lies that will lead America to armageddon, that you think your baby is super duper adorable and the best thing ever (which I will allow for 6 months no problem and then GET THE FUCK OVER IT, YOUR CHILD IS ONLY SPECIAL TO YOU) etc, etc. The exception to this would be actions: people who post about the races they engaged in, how their kid did well at the last B-ball tournament, an opinion on an activity they undertook. 

And just so nobody thinks that I'm holding myself above this: I am aware that I post about beer, heavy metal, videogames, and generally 'be excellent to each other' ideas, very, very frequently. I will read things about such and share them. 

It's one of my greatest fears though; not that I will repeat myself but that I will fail to advance as I repeat myself. 

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