Wednesday, August 28

3rd Time in 2 weeks

"We need to talk."

Which is going to happen tonight. I am uneasy. That's the worst of it: The unease that runs through the day like a virus.

It hopefully won't be that bad but here I am, waiting. 

(24 hrs later)

Yay, I feel worse. 

Friday, August 23

Going to get this off my chest and be done with it

1) Man of Steel was solid. It needed to end like this, however (spoilers for a movie that's 3 months old, you'll deal with it.)

Cuts between Superman, flying around Metropolis, a determined but sad look on his face, as he tries to repair damage and rescue people and Clark standing in front of his mom, head down, ashamed.

"I tried. I tried so hard and...there was just so much...I failed," he says, looking at his mom. 

Cut to, X-ray vision catches people underneath the rubble of a building. Close-up: heartbeats! Back to Smallville

Ma Kent hugs him, like moms do, and says "You did everything you could. Everything. And next time, you'll do it better."

She pulls back from him, smiles, "You will do your best. That's all I ever asked of you. It's all your father ever hoped for."

"Your best will always be good enough for us."

Cut to darkness, then rumbling and light as a debris is pulled up and a blinking, huddling group looks up to see Superman holding debris up with one hand, other reaching for them.

"My name is Superman. I'm here to help."
And it needed to be this way because that's what Superman should be here to do.

2) Ben Affleck is going to be good as Batman---as good as the material will allow him to be. If he sucks, it will be because the person who writes the movie doesn't get it.

That is all.

Monday, August 19

Just once

I would like the "We have to talk," phrase to lead into something awesome.

But instead, it was about unhappiness and being overwhelmed and not having enough money and it all came at a time when I pretty much felt like crap. Most of the time, this bounces off me but this time it has stuck. It is a difficult thing to be told that you are found unattractive 'right now'. 

I can hear it in my brain and I need to let it pass.