Friday, November 9

Mixed feelings

On my afternoon walk, I heard some howling, a raw, screeching voice that I couldn't make sense of. 

As I listened, I finally made sense of it. 

Someone was screaming for food, change, a cry at how they were hungry. It didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason, just screeching at everyone who passed by a busy streetcorner. 

I'm not just how I feel about all of that. It's...weird.

Friday, November 2

Dear everyone who likes the Walking Dead

There is nothing, ever, to ask about this show. No grand conversations to be had about it.

There are no surprises. There is no hope. Everyone dies.

Some will also go crazy. They will die. Some will have guns or swords. They will die. Some will have sex and there might even be babies. They will die. There will be moments where the group finds a 'safe' place. It will end and people will die. Some will die to the living. Some will die to hordes of dead. Some will die to diseases that are conquered so long as you have thing like plumbing and basic first aid but those are gone so they will die. 

This is why I quit reading the comic and why I don't care about the TV show and why this isn't a spoiler for anyone following the show or the comic.There is no escape, no event at the end that makes it all OK, none of that. There is no, zero, nothing at all in the way of tension. There will be no surprises. Everyone. Will. Die. 

Now that you know that, you can just enjoy! There are no questions to be asked, no conversations to be had about Jim Bob and his Jimbobbery, or how much more effective a katana is over a .44 or any of that! Everyone will die so you can relax and watch them enact entropy in front of your eyes. You know how it ends. 

Now quit fucking talking about it.