Monday, October 29

Home again

This visit to Spokane was...weird. It was the first time in 15 years where I felt as though I really didn't like that city anymore. 

It was grim and decrepit; neglected might be the best word for the state of so much of the city. What wasn't neglected was cookie-cutter new, houses all built from the same mold, making them extra creepy in that 'One of Us' way. 

There was also the presence of a whole lot more Jesus on display and, because of the election, a fuckton of Republican signage. 

It made me feel a bit sad. I knew Spokane wasn't the most progressive of cities but I never felt depressed about that state until I went back this year. 

I think I'd be a lot angrier and listen to a whole lot more heavy metal, should I have never moved away. I don't know what I make of that but...I don't see it as a positive.

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