Thursday, September 20

Driver:SF and Spec Ops: The Line

Finished Driver SF and found it to be quite enjoyable. Lighthearted, well written, funny, good characters, goofy enough that the endgame didn't bother me, ridiculous as it was. It's fun and I almost wish I could've spent more time there but I was getting burnt out on everything and the music started to drive me crazy. I need to turn the radio off in these games.

Also played Spec Ops: The Line and when I traded it in, the people at Gamestop said something to the effect of: There have been a lot of mixed reviews from customers.

What I told them was this: it's hard to like; but if you got something out of Apocalypse Now or Jacob's Ladder or liked Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness then you should play this game. It's got something to say, and it especially strong in it's critique of 'super realistic' modern warfare FPS, and it should be played for that reason alone: It has something to say.

It's not always fun. As a matter of fact, it was frequently not fun, it was very weird to play this game and have the violence I was inflicting be accompanied with horrific moaning and the option to execute enemies that were writhing on the ground in pain and posing no threat to me, along with hallucinatory experiences and things just generally becoming more and more fucked up.

However, having something to say is important and I think people should play Spec Ops because it will, if nothing else, give them something to chew on for a little while. 

Tuesday, September 11

Why I Am Avoiding Facebook Today

Two, which are two too many, "Remember 9/11" posts.

You know what I'd like to see? All of those people remember what the United States did to cause 9/11, then recall every fucked up thing we allowed to happen, from the loss of our civil liberties to the rapid undermining of our economy due to war, to the utterly pointless loss of life and the havoc imposed on the survivors because of the GWOT, torture, and overall evil that was engaged in since that date. 

Because I'm pretty sure all those people are remembering is how they got hurt. Convenient when it comes to forgetting how we slit the throats of other people. 

Monday, September 10

Dear Joss Whedon

Avengers 2 is going to end with Captain America being tossed the Tesseract or the Infinity Gauntlet, in all likelihood by Thor or Iron Man but maybe even Quasar, and saving the day. I know this, you know this. It's really the only way that movie finishes out.

Please hire me. I only eat moderately and I really don't distinguish between right and wrong very well.