Thursday, April 26

Videogame update

So, I played Outland and thought it was pretty good. Until I got to the last section and got a big ol' dose of FUCK THIS. There was a moment that I realized I wasn't having any fun and the previous skills I'd acquired didn't seem to matters. So I quit, never to bother with it again. Bummer, because the artistic style was great, the controls were tight and there was a great deal to be said for it. But when I got to the end it felt like a bulletshitstorm and not a pattern I could defeat. I also finished Uncharted 3 and it did, from a gameplay perspective, what it was supposed to do very well. The story, however, feel on its face. Three times, the main character is asked: "Is what you're doing worth it?" Because it's shown that Drake is willing to ignore friends and lovers in pursuit of treasure. And it never seems to get any deeper than that. He's not on a mad quest to know who he is, he's not desperate to prove himself, or redeem his soul or avenge his friends. Nope. He just wants shiny shit to sell and nobody seems to get fed up with that. And that sucks a lot of the soul out of the game for me and I just don't know that I want to play any more of Drake's adventures. Now I'm knee deep in Mass Effect 3 and hip deep in Borderlands.