Monday, October 25

So I saw Inception

Pretty strong film.
The drawbacks; the soundtrack was too loud and overwhelmed dialog multiple times. This is bad.

I wanted about 15 more minutes in that movie to offer me some characterization for the players beyond the main one. Almost nobody smiles in this film and while the Inception gets a lot right, it doesn't really capture the whimsy that dreams often bring. Even a few moments of whimsy-two-would have been enough, something to give the characters a little bit more than gravity to work with, to show that they are connected to one another.

That I wouldn't mind another 15 minutes in a movie that's two point five hours long already is a really good sign.

The good; the acting is solid and the directing is very good. The finale is one of those things that only movies can do and it's always amazing to see someone take advantage of the artistic medium that way. Worth seeing in the theater for that alone.

Thursday, October 14

I haz a gloom