Thursday, April 29


I had a dream where it was suggested to me by a pixie redhead that I should be thankful to and for the people in my life. So thank you.

But I don't want to post this kind of thing on Facebook. It's getting too...skeezy for me. Not enough privacy valued.

Still, I hope that by putting this out there, it will be felt and/or read by those who need to know.

Monday, April 26

On wastefulness

So I saw the end of Tosh.0 tonight and it had a clip of Tosh getting a new iPad.

And then teeing it up and swinging at it with a golf club.

That iPad could've been sold to charity. It could've been the centerpiece in a skit mocking people's need for crazy shit. It could've been used to mock Apple + fanboys.

Instead it was destroyed in less than five seconds.

In a world where so many of us are getting fucked over, the wanton destruction of 'cool things' for the sake of a joke that has 1) been done before-and often, 2) was not that funny, beyond the idea of swinging a golf club at anything can be amusing and 3) doesn't actually say anything...

Well, it feels like someone is just wasting my time and their talent, just to blow shit up. And I can watch artistic explosions and feel a hell of a lot better about the universe.

Sunday, April 25

Thought Experiment

Pretty good post, brought to my attention by Fuz.

There are nights

I have come to realize that it doesn't matter how old you get there are days, or nights, or long stretches of minutes where despite the success you may have had, there are times when all the small failures add up and haunt you.

Thursday, April 22

New dance class

It's been 100x more difficult than previous classes. I don't know why. I have guesses; new teacher, different style of learning, poor song selection.

But it's frustrating. It's like I'm choking, except it's not because I don't know what I'm doing-it's because the new stuff is rebelling against what I learned.

I'm fighting gloom these days. Just hit me all of a sudden. I think it's 1.5 gloom - .5 me, so far. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Have finshed videogames. Will talk about them soon.

Wednesday, April 14

Choking vs Panicking

A really interesting article I wanted to share that I found via Lifehacker.

Thursday, April 1

Things I'm learning

Denny's takes orders over the phone.

How to make a budget.

How to install printer drivers. How to extend patience with people who are not technologically savvy.

How to muck around servers. Not quite as fond of that one.

Time management. Sorta.

That I can be made invisible by someone. A new kind of irony from the days when I was small and wished I could be invisible.

That I can resist my completist tendencies...but not very well.I just do it because of the poverty.

When I finish a story, nobody is under any obligation to say anything.