Thursday, January 28

On the other hand

My former dentist's office called me yesterday, asking if I wanted to schedule an appointment since it had been so long. I explained that I was unemployed and thus could not afford an appointment. The caller identified quickly that this was because I no longer had insurance, which is true.

She then told me about a one-time thing they were doing; offering free exams and 50% off X-ray+cleaning services.

Which is damn kind of them. I still can't afford it, mind, but it's a really nice thing to do.

Tuesday, January 26

Things stacking up

I was taking my shirt off before getting into the shower and my glasses fell off.

Seems like a pretty mundane problem, right?

Except I can't see without my glasses. My vision is truly awful. I would probably be declared legally blind.

So now I'm afraid, because I need my glasses and I can't afford to fix them if they break. I already can't wear my contacts because I can't pay to a) get my eyes checked or b) get more contacts to replace my diminishing supply.

Which is frightening. If I break my glasses and have to do some kind of home repair on them, how does that look when I go in for a job interview? Now I've got the chicken/egg dilemma; I need a job to fix my glasses, I can't get a job because my glasses are broken and I look unprofessional.

All of this is thought of in half a second and it's allowed to grow and fester in my brain because I can't find my glasses now. I really don't know what to do, because holy crap, I can't see!

So very very slowly I move, gently maneuvering my feet to a position where I can crouch down and feel the carpet with my hands.

I found the glasses without too much difficulty there, but what if, man?