Saturday, October 17

Comedy rule

I saw the Hangover last night and I've come up with the Inappropriate Chicken rule of comedy.

If there is a chicken in the scene that shouldn't be in the scene, I am going to find that funny.

Tuesday, October 13

Here's what is messed up.

I need someone to give me a chance-that's the only way I'm going to become employed.

I am applying for jobs knowing I cannot get them. It's the only way I can apply for work. If I put hope into getting a job and don't hear anything that just feels worse.

It's like fail-fail.

Thursday, October 1


Writing the last check that I know will clear is not a good feeling.

I didn't know things were going to be this difficult and I don't like talking about it much. It's weirdly lonely, out there looking for a job, nobody else looking out for you.

I hope things change soon.