Thursday, September 24

Ever have one of those days

where you just know things aren't going to go very well?

I'd hide out in the house if I thought that would help me avoid things.

/has a bad feeling about this...

Tuesday, September 8

Save the Words

Alerted to this by the wonderful Never Slap the Gift Donkey blog.

Just lovely.

Wednesday, September 2

Note to self:

Quaker's Baked Cheddar Snack Mix is hideous. Do not buy it again.

I'm eating it because I'm poor and hungry. This is the way of things, sometimes.

Tuesday, September 1

A brief aside to Patton Oswalt

From his Onion AV interview
Whereas the first album was, “This is shit that I hate,” now as I get older, it’s more about, “This is the stupid shit that I love, and here’s why.”

You'd still hate if you had to do shit that was stupid. You would not know the stupid shit that you love.

Just sayin'.
/also, not blaming you because my life is a portrait of Dorian Fail.