Thursday, April 23


Got yelled at by an anarchist tonight for not knowing what anarchy is, apparently.

When I asked her what she wanted, and she included, 'democracy' and I said, you can't have democracy and anarchy at the same time, she yelled a me, about how I ought to read x,y,z.

But she didn't actually tell me what the difference was, when I asked. Or how I wasn't a liberterian because I thought regulated capitalism was a good thing.

I may be getting the details fuzzy; I was being yelled at. But it was nice to be yelled at by a left-winger, because it's an excellent warning against extremism of all kinds.


lollus said...

I wish I'd been available for that conversation, because it sounds entertaining.

DM said...

It was pretty weird, I have to admit. I mean there's a whole setup there too, which I didn't include in the story, including a very bad mental state, suspicions of this woman's sanity and a week where my interactions with strangers all seemed to go haywire.

I have to admit I had a rather empowering moment when she yelled: "Oh, this conversation is over! I can't talk to someone who thinks like this and blahblahblah" and I folded up my journal thinking; yes, yes this conversation is indeed over, tho' you do not seem to know it yet.

And, pardon lollus, but where do you know me from? Not many call me robot.