Monday, July 7

Teh Crack

I started a 10 day free-trial of World of Warcraft yesterday. Bye-bye sleep. And boobies.


D M said...

Dude. Don't do it.

Seriously. I don't want to see you become like my buddy Jason. I love him, but he knows nothing but work and WoW.

A.Ho said...

It's a 10-day freebie, then it's a minimum of $15 per/mo. While fun and interesting I don't know I'll shell out for it. But hey, for the next week it's a good time.

A.Ho said...

Besides, after I'm done there's Star Wars Galaxies, which has a 14-day free trial.

DM said...

Oh dear. Even I would have trouble resisting SWG.

But you have been warned man. I have seen reasonably normal people become obsessed creatures with no more to talk about than Epic events and level 5 armor. Who was once rounded has become a line...

< Doc Orpheus
/Doc O