Tuesday, February 5

Things get weird

One of Lala's friends died on Sunday. She was 37. From what I understand, it was a combination of things; mental health issues coupled with physical health issues, leading to...well death.

I had met this person a few times-really friendly and I liked her. Death comes to everyone, regardless of the quality of their personhood, but it just seems as though something fundamentally unfair happened here. As though she was sick, but her illness was not taken seriously enough.

I'm not sure. But it's one of those things; once it's done, it cannot be undone, and there's that gnawing sadness that comes with that.

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FJ said...

Bravo for blogging about death. Not enough people accept it in their lives. Unfortunately, the terms fair and unfair have little to do with death; it happens, and is part of the natural cycle (even if death occurs via unnatural means; we'll all die eventually). I'm curious about what type of illnesses this person had leading to death in her late-30's, and why you feel it was not taken seriously enough?