Wednesday, January 30

I couldn't even watch the whole thing

Good beer-really good beer-is slowly making it's way into the national consciousness. And I'm glad of that, but when I watch the video I link to I just feel the setback, like some kind of glacial momentum shift.

The dude acts like such a fucking douchebag, and the woman just seems to have this 'But I'm a girl I don't like beer' thing going on, with the subtext of cocksucking underneath it that...well, it's just a shame.

"Be careful, that beer is complex"


Kables said...

Hey man. At least it wasn't a "Budweiser is made from the finest American rice" commercial. Dude probably loves his beers . . . so when the class assignment came up, he got all into it. And she probably really doesn't like beer. Did you see the look on her face?

That said, PNW craft ales are still better than Belgian trappists. It's those Cascade and Willamette hops, baby!

DM said...

That's true; I just hate seeing this kind of faux elitism because it turns people away from these really good beers, based on the attitude of those drinking them.

Which is stupid, but still happens.