Saturday, September 1


For the last year I've been helping my girlfriend take care of her two darling/devilish children. Today the experience culminated in this thought: The fact that more parents aren't alcoholics proves, to me, the existence of God.


DM said...


No shit. The week I spend babysitting my niece + nephew have often resulted in a much, much higher desire for booze than normal livers should deal with.

Fuz said...

Honestly, I'm more surprised that parents don't perforate their eardrums on a more regular basis. Stick me in a room with two crying children, and I'd either fix it so I could never hear again, or capitulate to the little terrorists and buy them whatever the fuck they wanted. My Little Pony? Check. Rocket launchers? Oh, check. Just shut up already. Little bastards.

I say this all with love, of course.