Tuesday, July 31

72 hours later

Moving is a lot of work. It's always good, though, when you have a bunch of friends show up and kick ass for you.

The kitchen: done. Bathroom: done. Everything else: undone. The basement, Dr Girlfriend insists, needs to be cleaned before we start storing anything down there. Ordinarily, I'd probably not care, but I'm going to be making beer down there, and we plan on setting up a TV watching arena; we should make the space as livable as possible.

By gods I'm tired, though. My thighs ache. My toes hurt. My toes. Fuck me. My forearms have clutched a whole lot of boxes these days. And it's not done. This is the real Grrrr part of things.

However, the lass and I are of same mind here; We get this shit done now, right, and then we won't ever have to do it again. (Again being as long as I can possibly manage that; 5+ years, I hope).

The stereo is up. Thankfully. The phone; works--I still don't need a cell! The internet, however, is not. I really like Earthlink 95% of the time, but for some reason this process has been a clusterfuck from them.

Within a month, though, we hope to have the place suitable for company. Anyone who wants to come; visit. We've got the space.

Wednesday, July 25

Crooked Little Vein

Warren Ellis' book came out yesterday. I think I'll head off to Powell's to buy it.

I'm moving in with the lass, and things are starting to get a little more tense. Not in a 'oh god won't you just die!' sort of way. More like: Hey, boyfriend, shut up and listen to me for a bit!

Which, of course, I didn't quite hear, so I'm wondering why we're talking about the same thing for 10 minutes. To me; everything is going to be fine, all we have to do is do it. So I'm trying to exude calm, but at some point I just start thinking this is all funny...which might not have been my best recourse of action. Sometimes, my charm and wit really go over better in person than over the phone.

Something to work on. Which is good; I think the sign of a good life is a few projects you just never get around to completion.

/and my inability to enter the verification letters on the first try continues