Monday, April 30


It was a slightly odd weekend. Very few plans worked as intended. This is OK, but it is the kind of thing that can throw a body off.

Sunday was a recovery day. I'm glad April is almost over. I'm goddamn tired of this month.

After playing God of War 2 for a few hours, I let my thumbs rest and just watched TV, because I couldn't be troubled to write at that moment.

So, drearily, I watch Die Another Day. I really have to learn that I have movies I can watch...

The point being twofold here. 1) Samantha Bond is a hot Moneypenny.
2) Halle Berry cannot act. Maybe ever. But certainly, if ever I wanted to see bad acting, this would be the performance I would point to. Holy fuck does she suck as an actress.


Kerry said...

April sucks. Worse ones are certainly possible, but still, it can kiss my ass. May can only be better.

I'm sorry that our plans were ruined.

Kerry said...

April sucks. I can imagine a worse month, but still, it can kiss my ass. May will be better.

I'm sorry our plans were ruined.

Rasta said...

Did you not see Catwoman? I sat through that as a favor to someone, and I regret it. She was horrid and that is 2 hours of my life I will never get back.

DM said...

Ah, it wasn't your fault. Another time.