Monday, April 23

Morning Ritual

Taken from Modern Shadows' LJ, and she, of course, got it from someone else (who I've linked to) but! the question put to the audience is: what is your perfect morning ritual?

I'm not a morning person, really, but the wakeup ritual that I enjoy goes thusly:

8-10am, realize I'm gaining consciousness. Enjoy sleeping if the heat is on-the low roar the heater makes in our house has a soothing effect on me. Either way, some kind of lucid dreaming happens.

Lay in bed, stretching. Get up.

Shower. Shave as needed.


Turn on whatever loud music I feel is good; begin to destroy the universe.


Stewardess said...

Since my work schedule is fuckidy, it depends on the day. On days I don't have to go into the field, I usually get waked up by having sex (serious), smoke a cigarette, then get up and go get two caramel macchiatos and two cinnamon donuts and then come back and do the crossword in bed with my man. On days I do have to go into the field, I wake up, bemoan the fact that its a day I have to go into the field, put on my clothes as bitterly as possible, and drink a V-8.

stewardess said...

Oh. Perfect morning ritual? It wouldn't begin until afternoon, for one.

DM said...

Ah, well, sure...I said 9-10 since I don't like getting up at 6am.

You know, I do like sex in the morning...but as a perfect morning?

I dunno. I'm more a fan of the matinee. Or, manatee, as I'm wont to call it.

That said: I ain't never turned down Frankensex. I do, and you can be sure that you're not fucking me. There's some kind of facimile in bed with ya.

And howdy there. Nice to see you, stewardess.