Friday, December 1


I've been a bit stuck in my writing lately. I just don't know what to write next-what scene should come now.

In a fit of I don't know what, I raided my music collection and pulled out a bunch of CDs I've not listenend to in years. Like 5+ was the standard. 10 if I could manage it.

They are:
Fields of the Nephilim-Earth Inferno
Phil Collins-No Jacket Required
Blue Oyster Cult-Imaginos
Def Leppard-Hysteria
The Buck Pets-To The Quick
Alice In Chains-Facelift
Mark Eitzel-Caught In A Trap...
Faith No More-Angel Dust
Foo Fighters-s/t

You know what? So far, they're pretty cool, still. I've only listened to the first 3 all the way through. Listening to Def Leppard now, and fuck if it isn't catchy. I mean, I don't need to buy another album like that, but it's not bad having one.


Kerry said...

According to VH1's 100 best songs of the 80s countdown, Pour Some Sugar on Me is number 2. Number One? Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer. Bollocks, I say, total bollocks.

DM said...

Indeed. Bon Jovi can suck it. Suck it hard.

Kerry said...

Oh, I love 80s Bon Jovi (embarrassing tidbit: I still have a New Jersey era poster hanging in my closet) but there is no way that Living on a Prayer is superior to Pour Some Sugar on me or Thriller or Hungry Like the Wolf or, well, you get the picture.

DM said...

Hey, if it makes you happy, and I don't have to listen to it, I've got no complaints.

Kerry said...

Most people feel the same way. That's why I keep them closeted.