Monday, November 27

Mild complaining

It's a pretty broad topic, in a way, but I really just want people to do what they say they'll do. When they don't do what they say they'll do, then I'm happy to accept a reason why (car broke down, emergency came up, sex, super awesome once in a lifetime chance to do x, whatever), but to hear nothing is demoralizing.

I know everyone has their own sense of honor and value, and I don't need it to match up with mine, but if you say you'll do something, and then don't, and all I get is silence, what am I supposed to think? My inclination is to think that you don't give a damn about me, and even when you're behaving in accordance with your nature, it's still hard to forgive and let go of this.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19


So today, I brew beer. Lots of cleaning, and boiling, and stirring. It's an ale, that I'm fucking around with by adding black british malt, as you'd find in porters or stouts (I'm not adding much black malt, though), and using Rogue's Pacman yeast. I like Rogue's beers. A lot. Plus, I get to watch football.

I'm not saying it's the bestest day ever or anything like that, just, hey! This is what's happening.

I've built a new Magic deck, and so far it's looking pretty awesome-it's the first deck I've build in over a year, so it's nice that things are going well. And I'm still fucking in big ways with every deck I own; I mean, the revision of 103 decks takes some time.

Thursday, November 16

Speaking of hot tubs

Link goes to imbedded video.
I'd say it's NSFW.
But funny.

Tuesday, November 7

So she says to me-

she says: What would it take to get you into a hot tub?

And I say: "The existance of a hot tub."

Ah...memories. Memories warning me to be more careful in my future hot tub adventures than I was back in the 'Kan.

What you don't remember? You weren't there?
Not going to help you out. Sorry.
Mistakes, as they say, were made. Not all bad, but still.
And at least one person who shouldn't've seen my penis did.
At least.

Thursday, November 2


I mean, really, damit. I'm not asking anybody to agree with me on the issues, but I am saying: Vote.

It's really not hard, and it's one of the best ways to get your voice heard.

Take some responsibility for the country.