Tuesday, September 26

New Game!

Inspired by a link Fuz sent me from Center of Gravitas
It's called: What is Said. What is Meant.

What the Brit said (jokingly):
"5:45 in the morning-that really is too early to have a friend pick you up...I'll need a taxi."

What he meant:
"I'm too fucking stupid to set the alarm, so when the taxi is here and the phone rings at 5:45 to wake the house up, you'll know it's for me."

Anyone else want to play?

Wednesday, September 20


Had a couple lagers with lunch today.
Now I'm back at work.
Really, I think the only way anyone can tell is that I'm a little more bouncy in my chair, while listening to heavy metal.
It's good to get away with things, sometimes.

Friday, September 15



It's just a good reason to drink whisky, you ask me.

Thursday, September 14

Might have to start writing letters

At least when someone opens mail to read that they shouldn't, you know.

Fucking fucks.

Friday, September 8

That's no moon...

I had a dream last night that there were two moons. Both of them were full and beautiful, and I kept staring at them from my porch. The sun was going down, and but both the moons were easily visible. I was pretty sure this was the coolest thing I was ever going to get to see in my life.

When I woke up, I remembered there actually are two moons. Pretty cool.

Edit!-fixed link.

Thursday, September 7

Damn, I'm good.

moxlotus wrote:
"If you "fail" at abstinence, it was clearly fault of your own. If used correctly, abstinence has a 100% success rate."

Me: "Then let me be the first to wish you continued success at that."

Tuesday, September 5

Wasted years

Spent just a little too much time fucking around tonight, especially given the misconception I was under.

Best not to do that again.

Sunday, September 3


Danced last night. One of the songs was Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Sigh. It's still a fun song to dance to, you know?