Wednesday, August 30

last update

At least until something changes.

Talked to Dad tonight, and he's doing fine. Bored to death, but still able to discuss why fundamantalists are still fucked up and spiritual people are called to behave with compassion, but not take it up the ass just because we're supposed to walk towards enlightenement.


blueorchid25 said...
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blueorchid25 said...

Coolest...your pops sounds like an insightful dude. Its doubly great that he's doing well too...this fundamentalist thing is...interesting but hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I am sure he has good reasons - it sounds like this is him getting back to being "him" which is all you can ask for!

Good Stuff.

DM said...

Heh. You should understand: he was agreeing with me about where one draws the line and quits taking shit from close minded assholes.