Saturday, August 19


There seem to be a bunch of cool shows coming up. Some I've already discussed here, but Wolf Parade is the 22nd of August. Muse is on Oct 3rd (and I'm told tix are very nearly gone). I'm told Secret Machines and Suftjan Stevens will be playing soon-October, I think.

Just a whole lot of good shows to go see and enjoy. Looking forward to carving up my time appropriately.

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blue orchid said...

MUSE sucks!! Don't go see them!! They're just self-serving brits who think they're cool - they are just playing off the Radiohead bandwagon....

(ok, so...they're AWESOME and this is my own selfish attempt to get the show NOT to sell out until I can make an actual decision, for perhaps the first time in my life-somehow I don't think this will actually work, but its made me feel a whole lot better)