Monday, July 10

Why I'm about to lose money at work

We're having to fill out job descriptions, so our pay can be adjusted to industry standard, right?

So I have to ask an HR evaluation person, as I'm filling this out:
"Hello, XXXX.
I am D M, and I'm working on filling out my job description for you,
and I have a question:
Should I be describing what I have, as far as skills, or what someone
else would need if they had to do my job?"

And the helpful HR person says:
"Thank you, D. You should be focusing on what someone would need if
they had to do your job.

Let me know if you have any other questions."

I'm so screwed. A dog and a monkey could do my job. At the very least someone with a brain and a GED.



A.Ho said...

Buy a dog.
Buy a monkey.


DM said...

Your genius once again staggers me. Now all I have to do is find a monkey...

Fuz said...

Monkey futures are trading high right now, due to supply problems…word on the street is that Indian tech support is having the same idea you are.

DM said...

Great, so now I have to move to India to be valuable.