Sunday, July 30


I've been cleaning my room. Throwing away papers, and itemizing trinkets, photos, drawings from my niece.

I've stumbled upon a folder, the collection of pages and photos from an old, difficult relationship. I don't linger on it. I shove it away, since really, it's over, over, over. Those photos we smiled in are nice, but they are from a time when I was unaware of the lessons I had to learn.

I think I smile differently now. Not in a bad way. Just...I'm different now. Better, mostly, but just not the same.

The room is almost tidy again. That feels good. Even if other things in the universe are confusing, I can make the room a more welcoming place. Time to rest, and then finish my cleaning tomorrow.

Thursday, July 27


This last week has been excessively hot. Not just here, but in many parts of the country.

I don't own a car. I walk nearly everywhere I go. When I related to female coworkers (the majority gender at work) that I'd run a shirt through a rinse and spin cycle in order to wear it on a walk to the grocery store in upwards of 100° weather the reaction was that I had done a 'very guy thing'.

I honestly thought I was being sensible. I didn't realize I was such a dude.

We all know I'm weird

And this just kinda proves it.
I don't mind helping people move. Really. I mean, this is assuming they've done the fucking work they're supposed to do: boxing their shit up, getting an appropriate moving vehicle, etc, etc.

There is almost always beer afterward. I mean...beeeeer. Fuck man, for pizza and beer, I'd consider helping George Bush move. Especially if it's out of the White House.

Maybe I just like any excuse that brings people together to drink. This is most likely.

Sunday, July 23

Sat morning dream

I don't remember much of the dream, except that I was reading a list of activities, like you'd see for camp or something.
The list appeared to be online, posted in a Livejournal style (dark blue/light blue boarders), and I only remember one thing on the list-the only thing I was expected to do.
2:00-02 p.m.: Instruct people in the Secret McDonald's Chicken McNugget Dance.

I woke up after that. It's probably for the best.

Friday, July 21


Ah, the glories of alcohol.

Sleep. Soon. And all is improving in ways I cannot measure.

Thursday, July 20

Seattle Bound

Outta here, G, for a few days. Portland...weighs on me. Actually, is more like I'm weighing on me, and it will be good to just see people who hold me up.

Take care of your bad selves.

Sunday, July 16

I am so damned sexy

I made cuttoffs today.

Eat it. I'm hot.

Friday, July 14

Warren Ellis kicks ass

Taken from the 7/13 post.
"As ever, I am not at the San Diego Comics Convention next week. So quit asking.

Why am I not at San Diego? If you think I’m spending my own money on a business-class flight from London to San Diego for a fucking comics convention, you’re insane.

Also, Klingons. I never want to have to piss while standing next to Klingons again."

I so get that. I wish I didn't, but I do.

Wednesday, July 12


I was going to put something up here earlier. Now I can't remember what the hell it was. But instead of doing nothing, which is what I've been doing on this site for quite some time now, I figured I'd at least publicize my intent.

I do it for the fans.


Monday, July 10

Why I'm about to lose money at work

We're having to fill out job descriptions, so our pay can be adjusted to industry standard, right?

So I have to ask an HR evaluation person, as I'm filling this out:
"Hello, XXXX.
I am D M, and I'm working on filling out my job description for you,
and I have a question:
Should I be describing what I have, as far as skills, or what someone
else would need if they had to do my job?"

And the helpful HR person says:
"Thank you, D. You should be focusing on what someone would need if
they had to do your job.

Let me know if you have any other questions."

I'm so screwed. A dog and a monkey could do my job. At the very least someone with a brain and a GED.


Saturday, July 8


Went 3-1 at the geek riots. There's nothing quite like winning to give you an answer to the dark days.

Even if you're not on, your mojo carries you, you know?

Friday, July 7

Fell on black days

It's one of those nights, where the black voices speak, and I have no answers for them.