Thursday, June 29

Subtle hangover

Ugh. I'm very tired. Stayed up too late at the urging of someone who didn't exactly have my best interests at heart.
"C'mon! What do you have to do tomorrow that prevents you from having a PBR?"

Fuck, I can't count the number of things that prevent me from having a PBR. In addition, I was having a shit night anyway-my mojo had left me, and I was losing every game of cards I played. In addition, the guy who I was planning on going to Chicago with in Sept turned to me and said: So how about Chicago in November?
Because he wants to use Chicago to springboard to Dublin and see Bruce Springsteen.

Dude, Chicago in November is going to be fucking cold. Plus, everyone will be travelling around that time due to Thanksgiving.

So now everything is contingent on whether or not he gets a ticket to see Springsteen.
Is it wrong of me to hope that he misses one of the great concert experiences so I can get my greedy way?

So now I'm at work, trying not to work, and really in dire need of a nap. The mojo might be back, though, so there's that.


A.Ho said...

So, how many PBRs did you consume, if any?

DM said...

Oh, none. It was all the other beers I drank...I think 4. And the fact I was up until 2.