Friday, June 9

Double-talkin' jive

Ze Bloggin has been down for a couple days. Or at least, I couldn't post to it-some kind of Blogger thing.

The bummer of course is that the thing I was all into posting a couple days ago? Well, it's too late now.

Now I need a soda for my tummy (too many different kinds of beer last night-but not too much beer), and certainly a nap would be more than welcome.
Oh yes. A nap.

I've heard GnR's Double-Talkin' Jive in my head upon awakening for the past 3 days in a row. I think I have to dig out the song.

Suddenly, after a year of not really doing much but watching, I volunteered for 3 things at the OBC. You'd think I had no life.

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