Thursday, June 29

Subtle hangover

Ugh. I'm very tired. Stayed up too late at the urging of someone who didn't exactly have my best interests at heart.
"C'mon! What do you have to do tomorrow that prevents you from having a PBR?"

Fuck, I can't count the number of things that prevent me from having a PBR. In addition, I was having a shit night anyway-my mojo had left me, and I was losing every game of cards I played. In addition, the guy who I was planning on going to Chicago with in Sept turned to me and said: So how about Chicago in November?
Because he wants to use Chicago to springboard to Dublin and see Bruce Springsteen.

Dude, Chicago in November is going to be fucking cold. Plus, everyone will be travelling around that time due to Thanksgiving.

So now everything is contingent on whether or not he gets a ticket to see Springsteen.
Is it wrong of me to hope that he misses one of the great concert experiences so I can get my greedy way?

So now I'm at work, trying not to work, and really in dire need of a nap. The mojo might be back, though, so there's that.

Thursday, June 22

Fun things I've said lately

denying yourself things you want all the time leads to being a Republican

You can't expect to get to the good stuff without having to eat a little of the nasty sometimes

I mean, it's HOT to fuck in the stairwell/doorway/front seat
But it's repeat business to do it in bed.

He's a fuck. (said about someone who truly is a fuck)

Rick Ruben + Metallica

So, Ruben is producing Metallica's next record.

This is pretty interesting and cool news to me. I haven't cared about a Metallica release since ...And Justice For All, and with good reason. And I put an equal amount of blame for Metallica's bland sound on Bob Rock, the producer of the records I could give a crap about. (That Metallica also just quit doing interesting things shares blame)

Now. I don't think I would've thought of Ruben. Terry Date, who worked with Soundgarden and Pantera, yes. Dave Jerden, who did Anthrax's sublime Sound of White Noise-that would be cool. Ross Robinson, who did At The Drive In's Relationship of Command, Blood Brother's Burn Piano Island Burn, and Slipknot's stuff. That might be interesting, although word is Robinson is trying to move away from strict metal.

Lord knows, Metallica defines metal in many, many ways. But Ruben has done so much interesting work, I'll confess; I'll be approaching the next Metallica album with a much more open mind than in the past. I hope I'm rewarded.

Monday, June 12

Scraps and so forth

Wiki's page on drinking games, for the next time you can't figure out how to put a beer cup to your lips and swallow:

Only 2 stanzas of a poem I was working on that I liked:

You spread your heart thin
Like you're turning your
Physique into an emotional

Who will come to aid
When something you hide
Gets loose, and runs free-

Friday, June 9

Double-talkin' jive

Ze Bloggin has been down for a couple days. Or at least, I couldn't post to it-some kind of Blogger thing.

The bummer of course is that the thing I was all into posting a couple days ago? Well, it's too late now.

Now I need a soda for my tummy (too many different kinds of beer last night-but not too much beer), and certainly a nap would be more than welcome.
Oh yes. A nap.

I've heard GnR's Double-Talkin' Jive in my head upon awakening for the past 3 days in a row. I think I have to dig out the song.

Suddenly, after a year of not really doing much but watching, I volunteered for 3 things at the OBC. You'd think I had no life.