Monday, May 1

What I learned w/the amigo this weekend

Faux-hawks are the new mullets.

"I have an unreasoning hatred of parades."
"I don't think it's that unreasonable."

"You know what we should do? Make a candy called 'Choco-Starfish'."
"Aw, man..."

I have improved, microscopically, at Halo.

We like beer.

Our one time bar has fallen from grace, sadly. Time to move to the next place, or get hard drinks every time.
'Cause the cheesesticks still rock.


The Primordial Stewardess said...


A.Ho said...

It's true, our once favored hangout has gone astray. Europa Pizzeria & Pub has been a favorite place of DM's and I since it's opening in 1994. Seven days a week they offer two happy hours and are open until midnight. We spent many hours sitting at the bar drinking inexpensive micros and deliciously affordable cheese sticks (not the garden variety deep-fried version). We met cool people and helped establish the 'drawer' (a fine institution). Free of televisions, loud music, and smoke it was, and may still be, the best (only?) place to go any night of the week to visit and chill.

So, what's the problem? Very simple, the beer. Europa has had on again/off again issues with the quality of their beer for years now. For one I don't believe they can move the product fast enough (they'd probably be better off with two less taps) and they definitely don't do the proper cleaning and maintenance of their keg system - that Mac & Jack's was fucking awful. Additionaly there offerings are usually terrible. Three of the six taps they have were Amber Ales the other night. WTF? They've had Alaskan Amber on tap for as long as I can remember and they seem to always have Guinness as well, and it never pours right. Someone there needs to get a fucking clue.

DM said...


Hell, I don't think I can find a fucking lounge in PDX that doesn't have at least 1 TV in it. Good christ.

Still; maybe we just drink whiskeys next time. Forgo the beer.

I know I drank my M&J anyway, but I did so to get to the glory of...whatever the fuck the Boo had me trying.

Fuz said...

No! Say it isn't so! Europa, downhill?!?

Ah, it's the beer. This is why I ask people to make me pretty swirly colored drinks. That, and I feel it's my patriotic duty as a gay man to be holding a drink that could be accessorized.

Still, no bar should have bad beer.

DM said...

Well, I did have...I think it was Frangelico?
Fuck I don't know. Some kind of almond-cherry thing that could've gone well with coke.

Boo wanted to know what it tasted like, as with SoCo (makes it through college somehow without finding out-explain that!) so there was some hard alcohol. Hard stuff works fine-but I don't know that you can accessorize shots of...whatever I was fucking drinking.

The cheesesticks still did the rockin'. But since the beer would have probably been fine if they would just Clean The Taps, I must say; it's not quite as great as it used to be.

A.Ho said...


DM said...

Yes! Thank you. Jesus. If only I could forget Battlefield Earth as easily.