Thursday, May 11

Some readers

Might enjoy the latest rant on my site. I'm thinking mostly here of The Capt, and Fuz, who will probably see me in fine, high style. The Stewardess might be amused by this, but it's hard to tell. Everyone else can do what they will.

But it's basically me saying fuck you a whole lot.


Fuz said...

Maybe they're not impotent; maybe they're gay.

Dunh dunh dunh!

Just kidding. Although I suspect that is the A-1 sauce on top of that nice juicy fear-steak these men have been chewing on.

The assertion that strong, sexually active women are the cause of young men's floppy-dongs is laughable. Or it should be laughable. Given that most young (and not-so-young) men view sex as a game or a competition, however, it's an understandable hypothesis. Women who seem to be playing the same kind of game men do, I'd imagine, scare mentally underdeveloped men silly. Men are used to competing against men; having to compete in an oblique way against women–and, at the same time, against all those OTHER men the sexually assertive woman has slept with–has to be quite the task. If you're invested in that macho conquest crap, of course. And, if you are, you deserve all the droop in your knickers you get.

Be that as it may, however, I do disagree with DM on one thing in his post. I think that we are responsible for our partners' orgasms–not in the sense the article discusses (I MUST make you come), but in the sense that as a good partner you should search for ways to make your partner happy, even if that means no orgasm for you. While I was reading these stories of woe from flaccid men, I thought, "Did you offer to do anything to make her come? Y'know, go downtown? Toys? A visit from your Aunt Rosy Palm and her five sisters?" My suspicion is that most of these men didn't see these options as a way to travel the road to sexual bliss, since it's all about the hard, hard cock. You know, about them.

Fucktards. May their unhiovxc all fall off.

DM said...

I'd like to point out that I said "I don't even have to be responsible" for the partner's orgasm.

I think one should put forth all the effort one can in getting a woman off. However, getting a woman to orgasm is not a simple task (I believe this is the first actual use of the word 'multitasking') and when I've done all I can, I expect direction, or permission to stop.

I mean, if you want the sex to be good, at least. But my implication in that phrase is that these days women are empowered enough (or at least socially told they are empowered enough) to do what they need to do to orgasm. I don't have to take responsibility for reading their minds and waving my magic wand [heh. Magic Wand.] and then producing their orgasm from out of a hat.

Just for clarity.

Fuz said...

I figured that's what you had meant. My disagreement with you was, in any case, more about finding a way to excoriate these fine young bucks some more, rather than offering true criticism of your post.

The only guy mentioned in the article who I felt any shred of sympathy for was the one who actually sat down and figured out why Mr. Noodle had that recently-boiled texture. The rest: fucktards, every last one of them.

Fuz said...

"I don't have to take responsibility for reading their minds and waving my magic wand [heh. Magic Wand.] and then producing their orgasm from out of a hat."

I should have stated in my earlier reply that I agree with you here; I suggest, however, that this is the exact opposite of the mindset I suspect most of these floppy young men have.