Friday, May 5

I love bears

Because when they do things like go into 24hr quicky marts, and dumbasses try to take photos...dumbasses get what they deserve.

And the bear...just continues being a bear.


A.Ho said...

What a fucker. Now they have to kill the bear.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

Man, I hate people. Canada is a big place - why don't they just move him to a place where his chance of encountering a cell phone camera touting fucktard is slim to none?

This story made me wepmkedz.

Fuz said...

I say, put the two of them in a steel cage fight to the death. Loser…well, dies. The winner gets put in a zoo, especially if it's the moron with the camera phone.

DM said...

Oh, I'm all for the cage match.


And when the human dies, I will applaud and then laugh at his family. Because, you know, fuck them.

Fuck them all. Curse them with the power of 1000 atbqtko.