Monday, May 22

A. Said it better

I remember watching The Fumes play at Ichabod's in Spokane. Ichabod's was a poorly lit place with a strange layout; cheap wrought iron fences seperating the dancing and stage area from the tables and drinkers. This must have been 10 years ago, easy.

The Fumes were doing their punk rock thing, and I stood there with Mr Forehead and watched Gus move at supersonic speeds between the snare and high-hat, the bass drum being kicked like a LAPD victim, and it took a second, but I realized that both Mr F and I were mesermized by the drumming. Forehead turns to me and said: "You know Gus is actually an alien?"
"Yeah. How else do you explain that?"

I haven't seen Gus in years. But he was always nice to me, (in the 'Kan it's pretty easy to meet musical heroes) and I'm just sorry that someone nice is gone.

Tuesday, May 16

Guitar Hero

I might have to get this.
There's just too much good stuff said about it, and quite honestly, I like to rock out.

Oh yes. I like to rock out.

Thursday, May 11

Joe and Monkey

I've decided I like it.

Some readers

Might enjoy the latest rant on my site. I'm thinking mostly here of The Capt, and Fuz, who will probably see me in fine, high style. The Stewardess might be amused by this, but it's hard to tell. Everyone else can do what they will.

But it's basically me saying fuck you a whole lot.

Friday, May 5

I love bears

Because when they do things like go into 24hr quicky marts, and dumbasses try to take photos...dumbasses get what they deserve.

And the bear...just continues being a bear.

Monday, May 1

What I learned w/the amigo this weekend

Faux-hawks are the new mullets.

"I have an unreasoning hatred of parades."
"I don't think it's that unreasonable."

"You know what we should do? Make a candy called 'Choco-Starfish'."
"Aw, man..."

I have improved, microscopically, at Halo.

We like beer.

Our one time bar has fallen from grace, sadly. Time to move to the next place, or get hard drinks every time.
'Cause the cheesesticks still rock.