Saturday, April 15

What I'm Not Good At

I have a date tonight. I'm doing my best to think good thoughts about this, to see the positive, the potential. Yesterday, when I hooked up the rendezvous, I was rather impressive. I find it unlikely that this will carry over. Change of environment = change of behaviors. Yesterday the environment was in my favor. Today, probably not so much.

This is suckitude.

UPDATE: Date has been postponed. I am secretly relieved.


DM said...

Just remember: after 2 drinks, everyone's on a level playing field, regardless of the environment.

So just have a shot beforehand, then your one beer should lift your mojo (which, last time I checked, was awesome) rapidly to the place where the elastic on panties loosen, and bra clasps unfasten, just because you are present.

Kerry said...

The environment that DM describes is amazing. I endorse the shot before date recommendation. Brilliant.