Tuesday, April 4

I'm an uncle. Again.

Just got word that my sister has had her baby, a boy, 8lbs and some odd oz. and about 21 inches. Or something like that.
Point is; everyone is fine.
Good stuff, eh?


Kris said...

Same day as The Goat's. It's a day for babies.

Chairman Blao said...

Ack! Breeders!

Congratulations, tho.

A.Ho said...

As I happened to run into Will & Jess on Sunday at the grocery store I knew this was coming. Glad to hear all are well.

Perhaps we should start a blog on Uncling.

DM said...

Thanks everyone.

@A 2 th' Ho-you'd probably have a lot more to say than I. Still...fun idea.

Fuz said...

I thought I had posted my congrats yesterdya, with a suggestion that the child be named osyoq…but I see that I didn't. So, congrats.