Tuesday, March 28

Blogging Is Hardish

Sometimes I feel guilty about having a blog. If I feel like writing I often don't have anything particularly interesting to write. If I have something interesting to write about I usually don't have any desire to write. I literally had this realization just a few seconds ago and it helps me feel better about myself as a blogger to have that explanation.

It is true that I could sit down and make myself write when I don't feel like it, but this isn't school or a job so the only consequences are that I don't post. Nobody is going to be overly concerned that I'm not working towards my blogging potential.

By nature I've never been one that felt the need to speak. I generally only speak if I feel I have something worthy to contribute. It helps to have a conversation worth contributing to.

I remember sitting around the lunch table during my Junior year of high school with my peers. People chatted away and I very rarely had anything to say. The conversation was asinine and not worthy of commentary, but as an adolescent there was that sense of being left out, of being socially inferior, of being alone. My Senior year I finally found people that I connected with, and then in a flash it was over.

In conclusion I find that having a blog gives me a forum when I want it. It's a place for me to connect with a couple old friends that I rarely get to see. It's also allowed me to meet a couple new people, and it's introduced me to a few people that I feel like I've met. So, it's been worthwhile, even if I don't always feel that the content justifies it.


DM said...

Since we haven't promised content every M-W-F or anything...I figure we're kind of like 5 bucks you find in your pants that you didn't know you had.

Some days, we're there! Some days, not so much.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

I love you guys. Like, love love. Never change!

A.Ho said...

Now how am I supposed to go and 'Never change!'? Shit, I changed just today, couldn't help it.