Saturday, February 4


I've been drinking more beer than usual the last couple of weeks. Lately two beers accompany dinner followed by a third to kick it all down with. I don't consider that excessively excessive, but it's more than normal for me. Maybe it's a midwinter coping mechanism. Sierra Nevada and Mirror Pond pales are what I've been favoring.

I picked up a couple new albums Friday before last. Best Buy had a nice sale on some indie titles so I picked up Danger Doom's The Mouse and The Mask and Antony and the Johnsons' I am a bird Now. I like the Danger Doom quite a bit, which follows suit with my recent rekindled fondness for Vaudeville Villain, but the other isn't quite doing it for me yet. I imagine I am a bird Now will be a treasure that future A.Ho discovers.

A group that perked my ears the other day is The National. I've listened to Alligator a couple of times and thought it was nice enough, but my fancy remained unstruck. Then I was in Boo Radley's the other day when they were playing it and it grabbed me. The same thing happened with Wolf Parade, the current king of my Top Artists chart on It will be interesting to see if the phenomenon sticks with The National.

Music that I currently really want to get my hands on: Jamie Lidell Multiply

I finished up season two of Buffy this week. I was not expecting much out of this. The first season created enough interest in me to eventually grab the second. The second season started slow, building up to a nice pace, and then POW! That finale was something else! It certainly ranks in my finest hours of television entertainment.

I spent some time playing around with Splinter Cell this week. It's one of my all-time favorite video games. I should give #2 a shot again, but they changed some stuff in the gameplay that I didn't really dig, all because some people thought the first one was too hard. That's one of the things I really dug about it. It was a giant puzzle begging to be solved, with few opportunities to gun your way through. Love it.

And now I'm back to playing Oddworld - Stranger's Wrath. I saw that Play magazine gave it the XBox Game of the Year and this inspired me to jump back into that fun little 'verse. It is quite a ride. I think maybe I'll go play it right now.

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