Wednesday, February 8

May I buy you a Coke? May I teach you to sing?

I needed something to post about and Kerry's post on resolutions has sparked the topic.

I started a resolution in Nov/Dec as a warm up for the coming New Year. I couldn't remember the last time I'd made a resolution or any time that I actually thought about it beyond January 2nd, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. My resolution at that time was to turn off the PC and TV by 11pm. This would allow me to wind down and go to sleep. I knew that without cathode ray stimulation I would actually feel tired and go to bed, otherwise I was liable to stay up until 1, 2, or 3AM. Being that I regularly need to be out of bed for work anytime between 4 & 6 AM this was not beneficial. That lasted for a couple weeks, not even into the New Year, and even now it is midnight. I haven't given up, I just need to recommit.

The other resolution I came up with right around Christmas time was that I needed to read more. Specifically, well mostly, fiction. I know that there are stories that I should read. The goal started as one book every pay period (2 weeks). Not wanting to set myself up for failure I modified it to one book per month, then I modified it to 6 books for the year. That is roughly 3x as many books as I finished reading in 2005.

But these resolutions are really just pet resolutions, habits I should develop. The resolution that means the most is to be more kind. Quite simply, I'm a mean son of a bitch.

(Insert smiley face.)

It boils down to this: I want to develop a greater kindness and patience in those moments when kindness wants to bail, when it begs to step aside to make way for rudeness and anger. Kindness is one thing I know I can do that makes a real change in the world. The effects are not measurable but they are important to me.


DM said...

I like this.

I have an inclination already to read-I do it on the bus to work, but if I didn't have that, shit I'd have to make more time to read. God knows I've got more fiction than Bush has lies, so if you're looking for something to read-I can help you out.

I've long known that I need to cut myself off from the TV/Computer about 30 minutes before I sleep. Some days I'm good at this-others not so much. Still; I've found that I often stop watching tv about 10ish, and try to move closer toward puttering around to get ready for bed.

The kindness thing-well, I'll make a seperate post on that. Seems like there's a conversation to be had there.

DM said...

Oh, and I always have only 1 resolution per yer. Saves me the trouble.

This year will be better than the last one.