Thursday, February 16


I just very quickly want to give a 'Hell yeah' to the latest issue of Daredevil. The last creative team ended the series in a place that would be difficult for many-the continuity clock was not reset, our hero was not put back into his life as though nothing had happened, with liberty and justice for all.

Like it or not, the last run of Daredevil focused more on the lawyer than the hero. As a result, the series had a more humanistic bent; less fighting, more character dynamics. And, as a consequence of this, the end of the series did not come with a huge fight scene (although there was one hell of a knockdown) but in the courtroom-and with Matt Murdock being sentenced to prison.

The new creative team (writer Ed Brubaker and artist Michael Lark) start there, and they hit the ground running. My complaint at this point is that there seems to be 'overcorruption'; it seems that not only the guards, but the administrators-hell, everyone except Murdock is somehow tainted. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, though; I have great faith in Brubaker as a writer (he's always been good-Sleeper is one of the best reads you could ask for in the superhero/superspy genre. Yes, I know) and Lark is handling the art chores quite fluidly.

So I'm sticking with it.

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A.Ho said...

I'm going to have to grab some trade paperbacks of DD I think.