Monday, January 30


I'll say it again, "Yikes!"


DM said...

My first reaction to the story was: Ha-ha!

If you're gonna go see the bullfights, then you've gotta know there are risks. And since you've already said it's OK to kill animals for your entertainment, via your presence there, don't be surprised if or when one of 'em comes after you.

So: Ha-ha!

A.Ho said...

I agree that there are inherent risks and a person could not reasonably act surprised after the fact, however my first exposure was a TV news clip and when seeing that big ol' bull go bucking into the stands I gotta say my first thought was akin to 'oh, fuck!'

DM said...

No question 'bout that. Even on abnormal days, I suspect that having a bull charge you is pretty far down on the list of things you might consider as a possibility.

And they do look goddamn scary going into the stands.