Friday, January 6

Sidebar Aside

The sidebar is working fine on the comment pages…hmm? I didn't mess with the template previous to this curious affect but I spent a bit of time browsing it to see if, somehow, something was blatantly conflicting. I didn't find anything so further dissection may be in order. I'm going to let it be for now - priorities.

& an aside - You know those rare occasions when the phone rings at extremely inappropriate hours and you have to answer it because it's probably urgent, that happened to me last night.

It was the best phone conversation I've had in many cycles of our planet around the sun. The time of day was nearly integral to that enjoyment. The spontaneity and disregard for my slumber cohered pleasantly, providing multiple smiles throughout the course of my workday. Thanks.

Addendum: Oddly enough the sidebar issue grants further joyous amusement, being crooked and all.


The Primordial Stewardess said...

perhaps the trajectory is just off. But what do I know of those sorts of things?

mlpfyx...holy cow, that is my initials and a word that resembles, photetically, the word "fucks". Word verification for the win!

DM said...

Doesn't matter what browser you use either.
So something bigger is going on.

Good phone calls, eh? Hmmm....iazpkou