Tuesday, January 3

Short & we're done

I'm not going to be taking a break from the blog-but where I ususally like to talk about what's going on in my universe, events of late have been less than good. They are the kind of events that I, at least, feel a bit crass refering to except in a most general sense.

This is especially true since while events have been disappointing, and saddening, I bear no malice. Nobody is angry with anyone; the goodness of everyone was present, even when things went badly. I have no desire to present a bad impression of anyone here-or in my other internet writings. Even in my personal writings. Hopefully, that intent speaks well enough to how I feel about the person and how things went south.

In the meantime, I've promised myself more personal writing time, and I've a Legacy tournament to prepare for. Plus, I make a noodle casserole thingy tonight. It's apparently mac & cheese, but you don't bake gooddamn mac & cheese, I don't care what they say.

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