Wednesday, January 4


Dan will be glad to know that I've resumed my adventures in Resident Evil 4. I'm currently fighting 'it'.

And those Regenerator's need some DNA restructuring.

The Iron Maiden, in particular, was my Everest.

For some reason I like to make things hard on myself. I will often save items for use later in the game, they may become essential, only to still have them in my inventory when I finish the game, e.g. Splinter Cell. In this game I like to stick w/ guns I have until they are no longer upgradeable, and even then I'll stuck with them longer than most probably would. I wasn't going to buy a Tactical Vest, 30% less damage, but have given in.

I may not be as tough as you think I am.

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DM said...

Regenerators are my most hated opponents. I can deal with the Wolverines, (Iron Maidens) and all the other shit, but the regens just fuck me up. They are nearly perfect examples of how to do scary game enemies; the environment itself conspires against you (closed space) and with them (precision shooting required), coupled with shuddering breath sounds and a rapidly depleting level of rifle ammo...

Ugh. Hate those fuckers.

I just kept one pistol, but upgraded shotguns all the time. Those things were the liquid refreshment in my insect diet.

I am aching to play the PS2 version. Yes, yes, I know; I don't care.