Thursday, December 22

Twilight Zone

I agree with Kris, seems Pitchfork has gone black sheep on us, and I think they like to mess with the expectations of their readers. Granted it's likeley that every Pitchfork writer listened to 5 times as many albums as I did this year so I can't reasonably argue against the list they created. Perhaps they're breaking seriously new ground.

Caribou and Broken Social Scene made the Top 25 & here's the Metacritic Top 30 along with Top Ten's from many significant magazines and sites.


DM said...

Lord knows, I'm a hell of a lot more interested in tinymixtape's top 25 than Pitchfork's. Hell, TMT just seem to be more enthused by their choices than Pitchfork.

I suppose, though, it should be said that I'm looking for music I overlooked, or never heard of, when I parouse these lists, not confirmation of what I already know is good.

Kris said...

The thing that pisses everyone off is that Pitchfork's picks are never consistent with their ratings. Sometimes albums get middlin' to fair reviews and then end up top 10. What gives, yo?