Thursday, December 8

Tasty Listening

My newest album pick for 2005 is Let It Die by Feist (aka Leslie Feist of Broken Social Scene.) I've just skimmed through the review after having listened to it numerous times. I was a bit disappointed to learn that it is comprised of half cover songs, but still, it's delicious goodness to my ears.

¡Me gusto mucho! - or something like that.


Kris said...

Mushaboom is GREAT. I should've added that to my mix tape.

Kris said...

Er, I see now that it came out in 2004. THAT's why its not my 2005 mix tape.

A.Ho said...

It appears the initial release on arts & crafts is dated 2004. The Interscope release is dated as 2005, which is a relief, I felt silly there for a moment.