Wednesday, December 21


I just tried to sign in to my very first email account that I started back in 1999 with Yahoo! but they shut it down saying that I have not logged in for over 4 months.

WRONG! I updated my account profile on 11/25/2005! (Said so right on my profile, until I updated it again, that was a mistake.)

There is a reactivate account option available but they deleted all me email. Many many emails. Dating back to 1999.

This is fucked.

Oh yeah: So the reason I logged in today was to find an email address in my contact list there. Guess what. FUCKING GONE! All kinds of shit gone, gone, gone.


Ale.X said...

I feel for you, man.

DM said...

Ach, man, that so blows. Sorry you lost all that-I just lost a week of email, and I didn't find that exciting at all.