Friday, December 2

It's gonna be one of those nights

Do you ever think: "Fuck it man, I'm just gonna post naked pictures of myself on the internet and get it over with"?


Kris said...

I did. And I did. And now I'm a star. A big bright shining star.

The Primordial Stewardess said...

I'm waiting!

That was said in my best Visini voice (from Princess Bride).

Just the idea makes me totally fjavm.

A.Ho said...

They'll let you do that?

DM said...

@Kris: awesome ref. I get this. (I originally quoted it as, "I'm a big, big shining star" so you can see where my mind was at.

@The Capt, my Capt
Dude. I have my own web site. I think I can do it if I want to.

I knew a question like that would bring you out of the woodwork. Good to hear from you again, though.

However, it should be said that I don't have any naked pics of myself. Though maybe I should.

DM said...

A.Ho-looking back on comments sober, I see my tone might be one of a dick. I don't want to trash the whole thing, so let me just be clear here: I said that in an absolute non-dick fashion.